Cursed at Birth (Poem)

Cursed at birth

Doomed from the start

Destined to live this life


I’ve been told that no one can make it out here on their own

But that’s a theory I’ve yet to prove wrong

Trust no man, love no other

let nothing in this life pull your strength asunder

Avoid the world and you can make it

Dealt a hand of pain and strife, but you can take it

Cursed at birth

Doomed from the start

Never ever tell the secrets of your heart

————or you will fall

I don’t wanna live alone, but that’s how I’ve been destined

Time to stop bitching and moaning about it, just grow up and take it

There’s no way around it, you can’t change it

Even if you were to try and love another, it wouldn’t last

It would fizzle out and the relationship would die fast

Destined to be alone,

It’s not my choice

I was doomed from the start and cursed at birth


Just Be (Poem)

I just wanna be. There’s no need to put titles on you and me…

Who says you can’t have love unless you have a relationship…

I want something stronger, something deeper, something that knows no limits, has no ends…

But I refuse to give you all of me, when I don’t see any effort coming from you…
I know who I am, I know what I want, right now I want a fat ass blunt….but I miss you…

You are truly special to me, a dear friend, my personal therapist who I can talk to about any and everything…but the time isn’t right…There can’t be a you and me tonight
I don’t see why you can’t understand the reasons why I’m stepping back and allowing u to be a man…

I’m a grown ass woman and I’m sick of playing games…I see something different in you, but the picture is starting to look the same.

I won’t point any fingers, throw any blame, or call any names…but the path I’m traveling on now have footsteps the same size as mine…I can’t keep traveling down this road pretending to be blind….I’ve been here before….

You want so much from me, but I’m still waiting for you to take a step forward…no more talking.

Once Upon A Time (Poem)

Once upon a time when the skies were the blue

and the clouds made a ring for the sun to come shining through

U noticed me and I noticed you

And we decided to take a chance and do what lovers do

We held hands and walked through the park

And when we kissed I could have sworn I saw a spark,

I was ready to leave my world behind and on a new journey embark

But all of a sudden the sun disappeared and the sky became totally dark.

The joy of my life quickly turned into pain

Those beautiful clouds that once brought light were now bringing rain

I couldn’t understand it so how could I begin to explain

The one I once adored was now looked down on with disdain

You gave away something that you said belonged to me

And to make it even worse, you gave it away for free

The script got flipped; you assumed I was the trainee

But if your eyes were truly open in the beginning you would have noticed that you were dealing with the queen bee.

Now your heart is broken

Full of words unspoken

That strong bond of trust we once had has been completely broken

I didn’t want to believe it, but reality has spoken

I fell in love with a liar

Now I’m feeling reckless and unpredictable, sorta like a live wire

This anger I hold inside towards you grows daily, like a dangerous bushfire

I think I need to walk away before a homicidal escapade transpires

Let me calm down, You see this was all my fault

I gave you my heart, so you win by default

That next time my heart starts talking back to me I’ll just take it with a grain of salt

Because If I ever feel pain like this again I might just catch a charge for assault

Untitled (Poem)

In the very beginning you told me you had a girl,
But I was convinced I was the one to change your world.

I thought I could make you fall in love with me.
Make you see that with me was the perfect place for you to be.

You had no clue what you’d been missing.
I’m getting teary eyed now as I sit here reminiscing.

I think about the days we talked about you getting tired of being mistreated and abused.
About how you sometimes packed your bags to leave, but as you made your way to the front door you’d stop dead in your tracks—dazed and confused.

You said you’d built a life together and you couldn’t just leave;
No matter how hard the times got, no matter how much you grieved.

You said she seemed to be doing her own things these days,
But you made another excuse for her and said “she’s just going through a phase.”

I couldn’t understand, I just couldn’t comprehend
How someone like her you could easily defend.

She treated you like crap, didn’t even seem to want you around;
But for her you’d move the earth, take off your pride and lay it down.

Looking back on it I guess the one thing I didn’t see,
Is that love can hold you like a slave until you decide to set yourself free.

Never Thought (Poem)

Never thought I could be surrounded by a million people and still feel so alone.

Never thought I’d experience pain like this, the kind that reaches deep down to your bone.

Never though I would lose someone that I truly care about

Never thought I’d hear you say the words “Get Out”

Never thought I’d be sitting here writing this song

Never thought I’d come to the conclusion that everything I’ve ever did in this life all turned out wrong

Never though I’d have to sneak and call you from a private number just to hear your voice

Never thought I’d be sitting here thinking “Damn another bad choice”

Never thought I’d fall in and out of love so many times

Never thought that loving someone could be a crime

Never thought I’d be feeling sorry for myself

Never thought I’d look in the mirror and see someone I detest

Never thought I’d feel jealously towards people I consider friends

Never thought I’d feel like that end had began

Never thought I’d be looking for so much

Never thought I’d lose that familiar touch


I’ve got a thousand blog topics in my head, but I’m not really feeling them enough to write an entire blog (at least 75 words), so I’ve decided to post a blog that list my current (random as hell) thoughts. Here goes nothing.

What happened to LOVE SONGS? It’s like they no longer exist which is rather depressing, because it leads me to believe that love no longer exist. The crap they talk about in songs these days is lust, not love…maybe even infatuation, but definitely not love. People fall in lust and infatuation and mis-label it as love and no one is telling them any better. Could this be one of the reasons we spend 3 years planning a $250k wedding for a 52 day marriage? Possibly.

Liars, I don’t like them. Bad liars, I really don’t like them. Liars who lie for no reason, I hate them. Seriously, what is the purpose? Ok..I can see a purpose. If you are going to save your life or the life of another…lie, but crazy crap like being married, or dating a certain person, or what you had for dinner, or what you did this weekend? Please have a seat. NEWSFLASH: WE DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU OR YOUR FAKE ASS LIFE!!

Marriage proposals:
1. Marry someone you actually like. You know, someone you don’t mind seeing everyday and hanging out with.
2. Marry someone you have something in common with. This way you can talk about….STUFF.
3. Marry someone who is mentally and sexually satisfying.
4. Marry someone who has a descent job. Because living in piss poor poverty ain’t fun, and love doesn’t pay the bills nor does it put food on the table.
5. Marry someone who makes you laugh and only makes you cry tears of joy.

If the World were Represented by 100 people this is What it Would Look Like

I thought this was pretty cool!


Earth’s population recently surpassed 7 billion people and that number is still growing. To comprehend the composition of our species sought to help people, “better understand the complex issues facing our planet and the resources we share by framing the global population as 100 people”.

Below I have compiled the statistics on into 14 image macros that will hopefully help you visualize and understand the Earth and the people who inhabit it.

If you would like to see the sources of the statistics below, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page for the websites used for each statistic.



Statistics via



Photograph via wonderless2686
Statistics via



Statistics via



Statistics via



Statistics via



Photograph by CollegeDegrees360
Statistics via



Photograph by David Goehring
Statistics via



Photograph by Paul Mayne
Statistics via


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