About Me…

So this is my “ABOUT ME” post…which I totally hate. I think I’ll just list some random facts about me.

1. In social situations I’m like a fly on the wall… a bigger, more noticeable fly that likes to make eye contact and question your ideology.

2. I’m from Mississippi (yes, I sang the song while spelling it).

3. I have a deathly fear of safety pins…don’t ask!

4. I hate cats.

5. I love music, every genre of music. My iPod on shuffle is about as bipolar as Chris Brown. (You wanna fight me?)

6. When I was younger (pre-teen), I had a serious obsession with Michael Jackson. If my mother hadn’t have stepped in I probably would been…Billie Jean or that Liberian Girl that changed his world or Dirty Diana..hell…maybe even Ben.

7. I’m an only child. I’m very spoiled, but unselfish and non-bratty.

8. When I was a kid I wanted to become a research lawyer…how boring and pathetic is that?

9. I am a respecter of truth…even if I don’t agree with it.

10. I love meeting new people…although I tend to be very anti-social.

Any questions? 


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