Grandpa’s Pearls of Wisdom (Poem)

I’m sitting back and reminiscing about the times I spent with my grandpa as a little girl.

Sitting here remembering how he used to sit me down and share with me his wisdom pearls.

He told me second chances only come to those that are truly blessed;

That the life we are given is usually the result of someone else’s test.

He said when making a decision, look at the entire situation and weigh both the pros and cons;

And when you’re done make a decision that is strong enough to build a house on.

When that decision has been made stand by it, for you are now its owner.

But be prepared, because sometimes the outcome of these decisions will make you a loner.

He said to live your life with no apologies and no regrets.

Those who have real love for you will continue to love you, despite your upsets.

You are the only person with whom you will spend every day of your life;

You are the person who will have to deal with everyday pain and strife.

He said to first and foremost love the person that you are;

You alone determine where you go and just how far.

The thought that other people or situations can make or break you is simply not true.

They may increase or decrease the speed at which you travel, but reaching the final destination is ultimately up to you.

As I look back on it, the most important lesson that my grandpa chose to impart

Is to love from both your mind and heart.

He said If you are going to love, let it be unconditional…

Let it be loyal…

Let it be honest….

Let it be self-less…

Let it be true…

Let the first recipient of that love always be you.


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