I’ve got a thousand blog topics in my head, but I’m not really feeling them enough to write an entire blog (at least 75 words), so I’ve decided to post a blog that list my current (random as hell) thoughts. Here goes nothing.

What happened to LOVE SONGS? It’s like they no longer exist which is rather depressing, because it leads me to believe that love no longer exist. The crap they talk about in songs these days is lust, not love…maybe even infatuation, but definitely not love. People fall in lust and infatuation and mis-label it as love and no one is telling them any better. Could this be one of the reasons we spend 3 years planning a $250k wedding for a 52 day marriage? Possibly.

Liars, I don’t like them. Bad liars, I really don’t like them. Liars who lie for no reason, I hate them. Seriously, what is the purpose? Ok..I can see a purpose. If you are going to save your life or the life of another…lie, but crazy crap like being married, or dating a certain person, or what you had for dinner, or what you did this weekend? Please have a seat. NEWSFLASH: WE DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU OR YOUR FAKE ASS LIFE!!

Marriage proposals:
1. Marry someone you actually like. You know, someone you don’t mind seeing everyday and hanging out with.
2. Marry someone you have something in common with. This way you can talk about….STUFF.
3. Marry someone who is mentally and sexually satisfying.
4. Marry someone who has a descent job. Because living in piss poor poverty ain’t fun, and love doesn’t pay the bills nor does it put food on the table.
5. Marry someone who makes you laugh and only makes you cry tears of joy.


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