Never Thought (Poem)

Never thought I could be surrounded by a million people and still feel so alone.

Never thought I’d experience pain like this, the kind that reaches deep down to your bone.

Never though I would lose someone that I truly care about

Never thought I’d hear you say the words “Get Out”

Never thought I’d be sitting here writing this song

Never thought I’d come to the conclusion that everything I’ve ever did in this life all turned out wrong

Never though I’d have to sneak and call you from a private number just to hear your voice

Never thought I’d be sitting here thinking “Damn another bad choice”

Never thought I’d fall in and out of love so many times

Never thought that loving someone could be a crime

Never thought I’d be feeling sorry for myself

Never thought I’d look in the mirror and see someone I detest

Never thought I’d feel jealously towards people I consider friends

Never thought I’d feel like that end had began

Never thought I’d be looking for so much

Never thought I’d lose that familiar touch


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