Once Upon A Time (Poem)

Once upon a time when the skies were the blue

and the clouds made a ring for the sun to come shining through

U noticed me and I noticed you

And we decided to take a chance and do what lovers do

We held hands and walked through the park

And when we kissed I could have sworn I saw a spark,

I was ready to leave my world behind and on a new journey embark

But all of a sudden the sun disappeared and the sky became totally dark.

The joy of my life quickly turned into pain

Those beautiful clouds that once brought light were now bringing rain

I couldn’t understand it so how could I begin to explain

The one I once adored was now looked down on with disdain

You gave away something that you said belonged to me

And to make it even worse, you gave it away for free

The script got flipped; you assumed I was the trainee

But if your eyes were truly open in the beginning you would have noticed that you were dealing with the queen bee.

Now your heart is broken

Full of words unspoken

That strong bond of trust we once had has been completely broken

I didn’t want to believe it, but reality has spoken

I fell in love with a liar

Now I’m feeling reckless and unpredictable, sorta like a live wire

This anger I hold inside towards you grows daily, like a dangerous bushfire

I think I need to walk away before a homicidal escapade transpires

Let me calm down, You see this was all my fault

I gave you my heart, so you win by default

That next time my heart starts talking back to me I’ll just take it with a grain of salt

Because If I ever feel pain like this again I might just catch a charge for assault


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