Untitled (Poem)

In the very beginning you told me you had a girl,
But I was convinced I was the one to change your world.

I thought I could make you fall in love with me.
Make you see that with me was the perfect place for you to be.

You had no clue what you’d been missing.
I’m getting teary eyed now as I sit here reminiscing.

I think about the days we talked about you getting tired of being mistreated and abused.
About how you sometimes packed your bags to leave, but as you made your way to the front door you’d stop dead in your tracks—dazed and confused.

You said you’d built a life together and you couldn’t just leave;
No matter how hard the times got, no matter how much you grieved.

You said she seemed to be doing her own things these days,
But you made another excuse for her and said “she’s just going through a phase.”

I couldn’t understand, I just couldn’t comprehend
How someone like her you could easily defend.

She treated you like crap, didn’t even seem to want you around;
But for her you’d move the earth, take off your pride and lay it down.

Looking back on it I guess the one thing I didn’t see,
Is that love can hold you like a slave until you decide to set yourself free.


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